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New Year Cruises from San Francisco

Welcome the new year on a cruise to Hawaii. A 15-day cruise departs from San Francisco. Scroll down for the details.

What could be a more fun way to begin 2019? On the ship there will be New Year's Eve parties, and of course all of the usual food and activities that make cruises popular.

The San Francisco New Year cruise leaves December 23, 2018. Princess Cruises offers the journey to the islands of Hawaii.

You will visit the big island of Hawaii, Oahu and Maui. The ship will be at Kauai (Hawaii) on New Year's Eve from 8AM to 5PM. There will be a New Year's Eve party with music, noise makers and champagne.

It will be at sea on New Year's Day. College football bowl games are shown with snacks and munchies.

January 7, 2019 you arrive back in San Francisco.

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